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Previous Distinguished Speakers 前杰出演讲者

Mr Peter Wee (The Peranakan Association, Singapore)

Professor Xu Ping Fang (Eminent Archaeologist and Adjunct Professor from the Department of Archaeology, Beijing University)

Professor Fan Qinshi (President, Dunhuang Research Institute of Cultural Artifacts, China)

Mr Bai Hua (China’s Leading Writer)

Professor Daisy Lan Hung (Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University)

Dr Ni Wen Jian (Shanghai East China Normal University)

Professor Pu An Guo (Suzhou Occupational University)

Professor Yue Meiqin (Playwright Professor)

Dr Li Yuan (The State University of New Jersey)

Mr Wubuli Maimaitiaili (Cultural Heritage Protection)

Professor Wang Bangwei (Peking University)

Professor Chou Chih-Ping (Princeton University)

Ms Peggy Tan (First Vice President, Orchid Society of Southeast Asia and Chairman of the prestigious Singapore Orchid Ball)

Professor Leo Tan (President and Fellow of the Singapore National academy of Science)

Kumar (Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Host and Drag Queen)

Sanjay Garg (Head of Research Division of the SAARC Cultural Centre, Colombo; Executive Editor of the SAARC Culture; Editor of the Numismatic Digest)

Nidaullah Sehrai (Curator, Peshawar Museum)

Fazai Dad Kakar (Director General, Department of Archaeology and Museums from the Government of Pakistan)

Mr Ho Chien (Yetang Tea Culture Institute, Taipei, Taiwan)

Mr Lee Chee Keong (Teacraft, Singapore)

Mr Wang Jianrong (China Tea Museum, Hangzhou, China)

Dr Libby Lai-Pik Chan (Senior Curator, China, Asian Civilisations Museum)

Mr Freddie Aguilar (Singer and Entertainer from the Philippines)

Ms Lee Shuh Yun (Tea Master, Taiwan)

Mr Gurmit Singh (Artist and Actor, Singapore)

Mr Siva Choy (Writer, Singapore)

Mr Zhang Wei Xing (Head/ Researcher at the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, Archaeology Department)

Mr Marcos Martinón-Torres (Professor of Archaeological Science, Institute of Archaeology, University College London)

Mr Patrick Quinn (Senior Research Associate in Ceramic Petrography, Institute of Archaeology, University College London)

Professor Ding Yao (Associate Professor at the Institute of Architectural History and Theory, Tianjin University, China)

Mr Liang Jian (Archaeologist, China)

Ms Frances Morris (Director, Tate Modern, United Kingdom)

Mr Mari Bartolomeu (Director, South Korea)

Ms June Yap (Director, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore)

Mr Matthieu Ricard (French writer and Buddhist Monk)

Mr Tan Chade-Meng (former Google Executive, Motivational Speaker, Singapore)

Ms Sim Chi Yin (Photographer, Singapore)

Mr Jason Lim (Ceramist, Singapore)

Mr Mike Flecker (Maritime Archaeologist, Singapore)

Mr Alexander Shaw (Author and Historian, United Kingdom)

Last updated on 10 Jun 2019 .