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The Annual Wee Kim Wee Soka International Seminar on Global Peace and Understanding on 8 - 9 March 2019

Singapore Management University is proud to present the Annual Wee Kim Wee-Soka International Seminar 2019, which will bring together artists, art curators, filmmakers, story-tellers, heritage conservationists, cultural innovators, and social scientists to address the question of how culture is produced and how societies, in turn, are shaped by cultures. 

A central tenet of the Soka Gakkai philosophy is the importance of respecting cultural diversity and exchange while fostering a keener sense of belonging to our communities - commitments that the Wee Kim Wee Centre strongly share.  One of the key statements that resonated from the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was that “[i]n a fractured world, we need culture to survive and thrive.”  Cultural exchanges providethe opportunity “to bridge divides and spur collaboration on shared global challenges.”  

Cross-cultural dialogue and collaborations become more likely when we understand that all of us operate in a reflexive relationship with the cultures we imbibe and co-constitute. In this year’s seminar, our line-up of speakers will examine how individuals, institutions and communities co-produce art, performances, lifestyles, beliefs and values and in so doing collectively manufacture culture; and conversely, how these productions also make and shape us. Attending specifically to this two-way relationship challenges the conventional dichotomies of art/artist, actor/audience, organism/environment, allowing participants to better appreciate the dynamic and fluid production and consumption of culture, and in so doing illuminate the path to the collective production and iteration of shared norms, practices, and cultures that are the fundamental building blocks of the global community. 

We invite all students, staff, faculty, and community members to join us in our interdisciplinary sessions. For our planning purposes, registration for these sessions is free but required for attendance, and can be done here.

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