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What’s So Fascinating About Ceramics? Three Topical Discussions

What's so fascinating about ceramics? Find out in three topical panel discussions by leading experts in such fields as art, history, archaeology, media, politics, museology and collecting, as well as internationally-known auction and art house representatives, conservation and heritage activists and experts on art and cultural heritage law, including Dr. Mike Flecker, Kwa Chong Guan, Jason Lim, Delia Prvacki, Peter Lee, Jack Tsen-Ta Lee, Ahmad bin Mashadi, and others. They may just make you re-think what you know about ceramics.

Panel 1 covers the topics of 'Propaganda and Dissent' - From mankind's earliest history, art has been used to convey messages. How have artists been used for political, social or religious ends? And how have artists found ways to resist and express anti-establishment or counter-conventional views?

Panel 2 discusses "Conserving and Activating Cultural Heritage' - how can we increase local appreciation of the region's rich cultural heritage; is enough being done to reveal, preserve, and display it? Who needs to be empowered and can a balance be struck between the many conflicting needs of a growing society?

Panel 3 illuminates the world of the collector in 'The Pleasures & Pain of Collecting' - addressing the joys of collecting, as well as the shared concerns and conflicts of interest between collectors, historians, museums, auction houses and dealers. What is the true price of collecting--emotionally, physically and financially?

Learn how every pot has a tale to tell: from the moment a craftsman created it to the time an archaeologist or curator or collector is able to treasure it. It may have followed its owner to the grave or lain on the seabed for centuries. It may have passed through the hands of tomb raiders, pirates and smugglers or been coveted by kings and emperors. We will explore the social impact that artists and especially ceramists have had on the world, consider how to promote a greater appreciation of this region’s cultural heritage and peer into the world of the collector.

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