When Change Happens…A Story of Organisational Transformation

  • When Change Happens…A Story of Organisational Transformation :
The Wee Kim Wee Centre is proud to host the narrative on the complexity and challenges of transformation by launching When Change Happens…A Story of Organisational Transformation.

The book tells a story of how Change Management actually happens in an organisation. Unlike many management books that dwell on structure, content and guidelines of Change Management, When Change Happens…is a saga of the author’s actual experiences. The book takes its readers on an adventure trail in the corporate world. The situations written about are what practicing professionals will experience.

The narrative borrows many instances from the author’s personal diary, threading them together to create an account of driving Change in an organisation. It is engaging to learn howthe protagonist awakens his faculties (those which he didn’t even realize existed!), sensitizing himself to understand the strengths, motives and personal goals of the employees. And, how he evolves to use these hitherto dormant traits to negotiate his buy-ins to create shared vision.

  • Lalit Jagtiani S.

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    Lalit Jagtiani S.

    Lalit is a business transformation specialist. He has led and managed organisation transformations for customers across the Asia Pacific region. Currently he works with the top customers of SAP to drive innovation and transformation for digital initiatives that create new business value. As an adviser to business, his unique value comes from his ability to see the connections that are not very obvious. According to Lalit, insights on application of concepts are equally important as the concepts themselves.  This is what has driven him to compile his experiences into a compelling story that readers can benefit from. A strong believer in chasing his dreams, he has had varied experiences, that go beyond the typical corporate realm.  A diploma in film making has seen him script and direct videos and TV spots.  He is the co-founder of www.leadthink.org, a soon-to-be launched platform for leaders and professionals to showcase their capabilities in driving successful transformations by sharing their personal insights and experiences.