Museums of Tomorrow

Are the roles of art museums changing? Do they form a global civil society when facilitating discussions on issues regarding the environment, humanity and the global and domestic societies?


To shed light to these uncertainties, museum leaders Frances Morris (Director of Tate Modern), June Yap, Curatorial Director of the Singapore Art Museum), and Bartomeu Mori (Director of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea) will preside a forum in SMU to discuss their personal, as well as institutions’, visions for the art museums of tomorrow.


As leaders coming from cultural powerhouses, they will also provide insights to the socio-cultural landscapes of London, Singapore and Seoul, which are strongly connected to social media and the internet.


The general public, as well as art aficionados, are all welcomed to join as these leaders will elucidate the forthcoming relationship between museums and civil societies. They will also address concerns and questions such as: Will museums continue to focus on just “art”, as boundaries between art forms are being reconstituted? Moreover, how can future museums balance between contemplative architecture and synergistic environment?


The Wee Kim Wee Centre is tasked to promote deeper understanding of the impact of cultural diversity on the business environment.  The late Dr Wee Kim Wee, after whom the Wee Kim Wee Centre in Singapore Management University is named, had a heart for people and for lifelong learning.  The Centre hosts and supports lectures, conferences, publications and aims to advance learning and thinking about cross cultural issues.