“Challenges to Singapore’s Dreams: Enhancing Innovation and Resilience”

  • “Challenges to Singapore’s Dreams: Enhancing Innovation and Resilience” :

“What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing?” An intellectual salvo from young and passionate Singaporeans inhabiting different slices of Singapore society, The Birthday Book is a collection of 51 essays presented as a birthday gift to the nation and its people. What are the milestones that Singapore is headed into – the next big things – in the view of this inaugural group of contributors?Their essays come together as a compact and essential digest of introspections and outward projections, drawing on a shared past and projecting forward into our collective future.

Featuring Essays by:
Mahdev Mohan –

The Art of Innovation in the Legal Sector

“A silicon valley spirit, emerging technology and regional developments in Asia usher disruptive innovation.”


Bernise Ang –
Know Thyself, Know Thy Nation

“We cannot serve our nation without knowing it, and we cannot truly know it without first understanding ourselves.”



Eugene Tan –
As One: Community Building in Singapore

“Amidst our differences, we must see ourselves as one community; each of us is our brother’s and sister’s keeper.


Cheryl Chung –
Big Data, Innovation and Resilience: Stories of a Smart Nation

The more we love the data visualisation, big picture, 420km view of Singapore, the more we run the risk of loving each data point, each little light, less.”


Aaron Maniam –
Beyond the Scarcity Mindset

“We need a new language for non-scarce resources of the new economy: data, knowledge and trust.”


Kenneth Goh –
Going Slow to Go Fast
“For knowledge workers, transition periods—times for rest, recuperation, introspection, fostering relationships and developing personal interests—contribute to, rather than detract from, productivity.”

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