Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Literary Publishing has long been perceived as a sunset business. Large bookstore chains have closed or reduce their floor areas. Publishers are selling out or going bankrupt all over the world. Why then do some Singapore literary players continued their dogged struggle to find good writers and bring out good literary books? Why not, as most hard-nose businessmen would, cut losses and find new blue oceans? Why keep throwing good money into a black hole? The story unfolds.

  • Fong Hoe Fang

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    Fong Hoe Fang

    Fong Hoe Fang graduated from the University of Singapore in 1979. He spent 10 years as an administrative officer with the Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) at the Singapore airport. In 1988, bored with the routine life of a well-paid, well-fed administrative officer, he left to start Pagesetters Services. For the last 27 years, he led Pagesetters in advertising and communication design work.