Strategic transformation and fostering design in a creative practice

  • Strategic transformation and fostering design in a creative practice :

Angelene Chan, CEO of DP Architects, a Singapore architecture firm that has grown with the country into the 10th largest architecture firm in the world (2017 WA100 ranking), will be sharing the process of fostering creativity and continued enquiry through design in a firm like DPA. Creativity is not exclusive to start-ups and small firms, but should be the heart of all businesses, especially in a large-scale global organisation where creativity with purpose can have a big impact on communities. Ms Chan will be sharing her views on grooming the next generation of design innovators in order to equip the firm with the necessary knowledge skills in order to remain relevant and competitive.


She will share valuable insights on:

  1. Identifying sources of creativity within a practice and nurturing them.
  2. Maximising management efficiency that aims to provide the best internal environment conducive to creative practice and the development of professional knowledge.
  3. Tapping into knowledge bases and collective ownership of research.


  • Angelene Chan

    CEO of DP Architects

    Angelene Chan is the CEO of DP Architects. She sees the practice of architecture as a deeply meaningful act that has the power to foster a strong sense of community and improve lives, and the ultimate test of architecture is how happy people are within a space. Her projects – including Wisma Atria, The Dubai Mall, and Sunray Headquarters – have put DP and Singapore on the map, and she has won multiple design awards including the President’s Design Award. A believer in the transformative power of design, Angelene’s greater aspiration as a designer is to nurture a culture of learning and design thinking, and cultivate a spirit of exploration and invention within the firm. Rooted in the belief that research and discourse are powerful drivers of design, she has instituted design-critique and knowledge-sharing platforms, and a publishing programme as means to inform the act and propagation of design. Her keen grasp of the importance of local design informed by global thinking and creativity has helped to extend DP’s presence internationally. ...   Read More

    Angelene Chan