Celebrating Women in Asia

Millions of women in Asia are on the rise – taking advantage of expanding economic and educational opportunities, political participation, increasing rights and influence within their societies. At the same time, others remain trapped in a cycle of illiteracy, poverty, or ill health, often lacking the means to raise themselves and their families out of it. Investing in women fundamentally strengthens families, and improving social, economic, and political opportunities for women improves societies as a whole.


We are proud to present the following speakers and their topics for this wonderful event:
“Narratives of Experience and Notions of Choice”

Associate Prof Joanne Tay


“The Economic Function of Women in Modern China”

Dr Ding Ding


“Comparing Women: in Japan and China Women”

Dr Lim Tai Wei


“Women’s Charter of Singapore and Minority Rights”

Associate Prof Rappa



Dr Walter Theseira

About Public Talks

Similarly, the Public Talk Series features entrepreneurs of different stories, community leaders, and citizens from all walks of life who come together to share, learn and exchange ideas through productive dialogue in a professional yet comfortable environment.


Come join us in these talks that are sure to broaden your perspectives and learning. We look forward to seeing you and having you with us.