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Reflections and Testimonies


Testimony from Foo Fang Hai, a SMU Year 4 Undergraduate:


“It can be said that the difference between indifference and detachment is very subtle. By attending programs of the WKW Centre, I have been privileged to hear original ideas delivered in person and distill the wisdom garnered through the speakers’ experiences via interactive Q&A sessions. As a result, I have become detached from desiring to impress my views in the minds of others, but not indifferent so much so that I do not carve my own path based on what I deem a right way of thinking and living.”



Testimony from Deepti Gupta, Actress, Women in the Community: Participative Leadership 2012 Speaker


“Wee Kim Wee Centre provided me and many others who attended the recent conference an opportunity to broaden our horizons. In this day and age when we feel connected with people around the world, the conference was a great reminder and reinforced the merits of sharing a physical space with other leaders instead of communicating only in the virtual world. The conference allowed me to see how i need to start thinking more globally. Meeting people from different countries and backgrounds inspired me to seek opportunities to collaborate across the globe. Kudos! I can’t wait to come back. Different countries and backgrounds inspired me to seek opportunities to collaborate across the globe. Kudos! I can’t wait to come back.”



Testimony from Ms Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai, Women in the Community: Paradigms, Partnerships and Possibilities 2013 Speaker


“Wee Kim Wee Centre and the Shirin Fozdar Program brings immense value to education and business alike. Their genuine interest to help empower people with understanding and knowledge is admirable. In the two conferences I participated as a speaker, I was always looking forward to be in the company of sharp, accomplished and distinct women. Each with their own unique attributes in supporting the progress of women in community. Each with their unique techniques in driving the frontier further!


My first participation highlighted my proverb revival campaign ‘Wisdom Beyond Borders’ while my second participation highlighted my brand new holistic center in Bangkok ‘omroom’ proves the incredible range of topic that is covered in each conference. That said, the range of workshops offered is also far and wide, each cultivates a deeper appreciation and practical skill sets for the students and public at large.

I wish to praise Singapore Management University for making Wee Kim Wee Centre and Shirin Fozdar Foundation an integral part of their academic pursuit. There is so much we all can benefit from the knowledge shared and awareness created, a beautiful altruistic pursuit for women in community and the rest of the world.”