About Us

Message From The SMU President


As the first centre to be set up in SMU, the Wee Kim Wee Centre has been a flagship for developing greater awareness of the multifaceted value of education, for fostering lifelong learning, and promoting a deeper understanding on the impact of cultural diversity on the business environment. One example of the Centre’s many achievements in recent years is the Shirin Fozdar program, which was established in 2010. The program’s worthy purpose is to create awareness about and to promote the advancement of women and their empowerment.


Since it was launched at SMU, the program has funded several deserving students to undertake sponsored trips and projects that bring about positive change in the lives of young girls, women and families around the region.The Centre’s long-established talk series continue to add to the intellectual vitality of campus life. The CEO Talks feature thought-leaders from the business sector, while the Ambassador Series engages speakers from the diplomatic corp. Both series have stimulated countless discussions and ongoing debates between faculty members, staff, students and other stakeholders on various aspects of culture, management and the business environment. I encourage you to take a look at the Wee Kim Wee Centre’s calendar and join us at the next event.